Sunday, May 11, 2014

Round Four Update: City Girl Goes To Forest

One of the major assignments was finally done
 and I got the chance to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary yay!

The entry wasn't too big or fancy but don't get deceived by its appearance!
It was waaaaayy bigger inside.
(For your information, this was one of the places 
where Running Man had their mission when they came to Australia)

After passing the ticket selling counter, we could see many koalas on little branches.
I think all of the koalas were sleeping during that time.
Doesn't it look adorable??

There were a couple of free shows available for visitors.
Air Asia Free Flight Bird Show was one of the shows. 

Got to see birds using tools like human to get what they want.

Australiana Sheep Shearing & Snake Photo Opportunity.

Crocodile Behaviours Show & Crocodile Photo Opportunity.

Heard a kid from an excursion mentioned that the crocodile was "squishy"
until I got to hold them... I knew what he meant. Look how awkward I smiled! haha


Got to feed kangaroo. 
And yea that was my true expression which I only realised 
after viewing the photos at the end of the day.

Nom nom nom. 
The kangaroos normally got the food from my hand by using their tongues. 
I could feel their teeth sometimes if they were too eager to eat or did not control their tongues well.
Not too painful for me yet. Just felt like human babies biting you without any teeth.

Kind of getting "addicted" after feeding a couple more kangaroos.
They were soooo cute!

Until I imitated them..

The biggest-in-size kangaroo.

Many kangaroos were actually laying on the ground like nobody was looking at them.
Enjoying the sunbathing and life huh?

Able to see active koalas after lunch time.
It wasn't easy to see them being active as koalas spend most of their day sleeping!

One of my favourite photos - "Hey bro, do you need help?"

After all, among all the animals I met, I love kangaroos as I got to interact with them the most.
It was a lovely day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Although I have no idea when my next visit will be, 
I would love to bring my family here if they do come to visit me in the future.

Love xoxo.

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