Friday, April 18, 2014

Round three update: I miss my family

Aka homesick.

Thinking of my family recently. 

I don't always miss someone but when I do, 
something happens or I'm a bit stress of my studies.

I  don't get stressed easily,
but I might be stressed when I say stress.

Not really stressed yet. 
Just found out that I've to complete a couple of assignments and I still have a mid-sem exam.
One week holiday oh why.

I think I need a vacation, to a country that I've never been to,
to experience something new, to eat something nice, to see something interesting.

Appreciate for my friends at any stages of life.
They contributed and brought colour to my life, more or less.
Whether they are in my photos or album,
they are here, in my heart.

Appreciate the opportunity to write and share my life on blog.
Letting whom I love to know where I am up to.
Getting responses, interactions.
That heart warming moment when I got message
from a long-lost-friend who approached me after reading my blog.
I love seeing people getting help from me even through a small, unintentional sharing!
Perhaps that's one of the reasons why I'm studying psychology and why I love blogging.

Love calling someone randomly to ask or say something.
(perhaps, just want to hear their voices).

Still thinking if I should go back to Malaysia this July.
Fly or not fly? I wish for a safe trip.

May God be with my family, friends, and those who read my blog.
Stay strong, stay healthy.
Love y'all. 

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