Thursday, April 3, 2014

Round One Update in 2014

I'm back! Yes, not vanished from earth, yet. 
I haven't been blogging recently as I have been sharing my life in some other places .
(We were encouraged to write what we thankful for each week in a private facebook page for our youth group so I thought okay, I will share about my life)

Finally pulled myself to blog tonight! 

Speaking of coming back to Brissie, I went through a hard day. 
I missed the flight by 10 days! LOL since my uncle booked a 16th Feb ticket for me instead of 26th.
I was so puzzled when they said I wasn't on the list on the airport I arrived at the airport.
I woke up around 4am that morning just to get the 6am+ flight!
If you followed me on Instagram, you might know my story.

Oh yea! My Instagram is still private and does not approve people that I do not know at the moment.
Thinking if I should approve them recently since I post photos on blog too and there shall be no reason to keep it private? What do you guys think? Any opinion? Hmm...
Private Instagram account @jacquelinefoong

I'm wondering if I got lazier this year becauseee I'm not motivated to spend a long time on cooking like last year anymore. Perhaps, I just found more things to do?

And yup, eating clean and nutritious have always been my eating style. 
Eating something too oily or heavy could make me feel verrryyy uncomfortable! 

Since I came back from Melbourne last year, I love smoothie even more - Trying out different combinations and sharing with housemates sometimes.
Sharing is caring! Smoothie anyone? ;)

 Tried out new food at one of my favourite Korean restaurants, Maru@City.
Raw beef. I thought it would came with hotpot so I ordered it but apparently.. it wasn't.
Had a hard time eating it but it was okay.

This is realistic.

You gonna be experimenting, exploding, making mistakes, but after all,
you would get to know more, experience more and appreciate more ;)

Bought four baby cactus from a Uni stall on a wednesday.
As the sign stated "adopted a baby plant" and... I fell into it!
Marketing strategy!!!
Anyway, I would love to have some greens in my room and 
my youth group in Malaysia do have a planting activity to learn the lesson of love so why not?
(getting excuses.. I meant yea I just want them :P)

Got myself a bedside table and 30% of it was assembled by me!
Hardcore female carpenter to be? haha

Isn't it cute? :)

Went to some places that I've never been to.

(Reuse the tuna tin by decorating it with tapes)

Continue doing something I like.
Instagram @Craftingnewbee

Trying to get healthier and stronger.

Continue loving the people around me.

Study well, eat well, slow and steady.
Update another post soon! God bless. Take care ♥


  1. Love the fact you assembled the side table yourself! (GO GIRL POWER!!)

    Love how you reused and redecorated the tuna tin!

    Loving your blog posts! =D shall be a frequent visitor!

    PS: write more! Love the pictures!

    Charlene xo

    1. Yes! GIRL'S POWER!!

      Aww thanks for your words! That's very sweet of you!

      Hopefully I will have time, energy and effort to update my blog as often this year!

      Teehee. Love xoxo



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