Friday, April 11, 2014

Round Two Update: Growing from a girl to a lady

Yes, make up!
Inspired by housemate last year when she asked me if I do make up. I said I don't. 
She told me that ladies should at least know how to make up, at least for occasions like presentation.
Time passed. Until I thought I should start to learn how to make up.

My basic make up items:
Sunscreen from Naruko that I got even before I start my make up journey.
Eyelashes curler from Guardian.
Eyeliner from Maybeline.
Mascara from Face It (The Face Shop).

Every girls should have that bestie who shares her freebie with you, isn't it?
Thanks sweetheart Cai Ling aka Charlene who gave me those babies to try on myself. 

I haven't really start using them but I personally love this so much.
It's like a oval sponge that you immerse in water, squeeze it then use it to apply foundation or
those in liquid form to your face. Found it so useful as it even out my sunscreen so nicely than I just apply it with my fingers! Definitely found it useful.

Isn't it cute?

Question: What brands should I buy to get started?
Answers from my housemates and friend were pretty similar:
Go to pharmacy/drug store to get something cheaper to start off.

Yay for dress up!
"Dress up everyday because everyday is a special occasion."

Don't dress up to impress people. Dress up to impress yourself! 
Love yourself. Dolling yourself. Pamper yourself.
Try the style that you've never tried. Try the accessory, the clothes that you've never worn.
Who knows it could be great on you?

Be inspired. Love, xoxo.


  1. Hey lovely!

    Love you you displayed the makeup I gave you in the picture!! Looks beautiful la!

    I see you got your nude brushes too! Got them on sale at priceline?

    Charlene xo

    1. Aww thanks sweetheart!

      just saw your comment after few months.. opps!

      I'm not too sure if they were on sale but I think those brushes are not more than 50AUD ;)

      Love xoxo



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