Thursday, January 16, 2014

Melbourne Trip 2013

State Rose Garden @Werribee

There are more than 5000 types of roses there but they said the roses were not pretty as it was few weeks ago because the flower season was about to end now. Well, still able to see pretty roses though. Look, this rose was bigger than my palm! How lovely!

The Mansion @Werribee 
This place is more for sight-seeing if you love the nature and old buildings. You can actually get into the building but since it costs some money so we just walked around the surroundings. 

Chadstone, claimed to be the biggest shopping centre in the south hemisphere.

In my opinion, Chadstone is basically a shopping mall which consists of many different shops where you can find in Australia in a really really big building so I'm not really into it. Okay, maybe I was sleepy, no shopping mood or I know I wouldn't buy much since I'm almost broke because of craft materials and machine?

And yea, I didn't take any photo on that day so I'll just attach a photo of Vietnamese beef noodles soup. Okay not photogenic but wow it was so deli! Although it was in the food court, I thought it tasted way better than 'the best Vietnamese restaurant' in Brisbane. Perhaps, their bean sprout was less and more well-cooked so the taste is not that heavy.

The beaches.

Story behind this starfish - 
Kid: is this a starfish?
Me: Yes, it is..... And it is dead. 
Bla bla bla can't remember the rest but it was a pleasant chat with kids! They are soooo adorable! Oh yea, I also get to touch the starfish since the kids touched it! Ouch, it was spiky! Cool experience tho! Like a boss! ;) 

Some candid shots at the beach.

Spent a few days in Melbourne City because it is too bigggg! 

Photos photos and more photos! Love the vintage feel and old amusing buildings. 

A must go and popular photo taking spot in Melbourne: Melbourne Central.
There are lots of shops here too. 

State library in the city with breathtaking interior design.

Cool thing in library: there are free-to-play x-box, Playstation etc here! (The one in Brisbane has these too) 

There were a few stories of museum-like-place or maybe it's museum inside the lib.

Not forgetting the Queen Victoria Market. 

Attended Life Game 2.0 and made some new friends. 
Reminded me what I should prioritize in life and what really matter to me. 
Perhaps, the fire and passion in our heart wouldn't slimmer and may us keep on encouraging each other.

As a conclusion, trip to Melbourne was a great one. I paid visits to DFO, China Town etc but I didn't get to visit to place like The 12 Apostles and Brighton beach (where people visit there since there are lots of colourful beach houses) because it is too far away to go and my trip was not a hectic one. Perhaps, relaxing shall be the meaning of travelling. ;)

I was blessed since I can go around Melbourne with my "temporary homestay" 's car. I suggest that it is good to rent a car in Melbourne so you can easily to travel around or you can easily get a "myki card" for public transport when you travel in Melbourne.

My desire to travel around the world was ignited. 
Well, one of the 2014 resolution: Save and earn some money to travel! 


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