Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Achievements Unlocked!

Wuulala wow it is the fourth week of second semester
I can't stress how fast time pass by so quickly!

Apparently, my schedule this sem is much more packer and hectic.
But still, better than lots of my friends who have around 20 hours lecture/tut/contact per week!

Caught up with one of my since-primary-school-friend last week.
Glad that she finally came to Brisbane after so long. 
As she was one of the reasons why I came to Australia.

Met another friend on Monday.
Decided to have lunch at uni since we got free voucher from uni.
Her bright pink tee was too sharp for my little eyes when I first saw her lol

This was blue cheese with risotto. Can't remember the name though.
Anyway, I still prefer to have rice in my meal.
This reminded me one day that I can't find a table to have my lunch and insisted to get a table.
My Malaysian friend teased me  by saying me "so Asian".

Chicken breast with ham, chips and salad.
I love the chips there!

#1 Achievement:
Replaced the ink all by myself the first time!
My brother always does this for us when I was in Malaysia.
As I am living alone now... Yeaa.. I have to change by myself.
I felt like a hero after I got it done! Oh yeahhh~

#2 Achievement:
 I was able to finish reading and  kept on track with Bible checklist from Youth last semester. 
It was indeed a great achievement for me as I never really read the Bible from chapter to chapter in depth.
I always wanted to get a start but never know where to start and lack of perseverance to continue if I do.

I'm currently ahead of the checklist since there was a gap of time before we received the new checklist.
I think I can finish the new testament this year! Yay.
I'm much more motivated to read the Bible and aimed to finish reading the old testament next year. 
Perhaps, finish reading the whole Bible in 2015.

The book was what I got from youth as a reward for completing the reading ^,^
Enjoyed reading it as I thought it was quite interesting to read and understand.
Just read a few chapter and I hope I can finish reading it soon!

#3 Achievement
Well, I was a bit lazy and ate too much recently so....
I FINALLY joined the GYM membership!!!
Get a little start by 3km+ fast walk on track mill and tried other equipment for the first day.

I felt so good since I can bear to run on track mill for more than half an hour.
Hope my perseverance and stamina can continue to increase :) Teehee

So I rewarded myself some dessert after exercise.
What? An article said the best time to have dessert is after exercising! Haha

Anyway, the moment when you achieve something is really great.
It can somehow increase your self esteem and motivate you to try out more things!

Mid-sem exam is coming soon!
Time to get some readings! Fighting!

A gift received half year after my birthday. Still appreciate it tho! ;)
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything.
but only God, who makes things grow.
1 Corinthians 3:7


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