Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recharged! Power Up... Dong DOng DONg DONG!

Greetings to all my beloved friends, family, readers etc!
So I had been away from Brisbane for about 22 days and back to one of my favourite places 
with a bunch of my beloved friends & family! 

Arrived at Singapore at night and friend's relative welcomed us to stay at her place for
a night and offered us with zhong zi aka dumpling (sticky rice with pork, mushroom... inside)
and of course lots of fruits! Wuuhooo!

I didn't tried it though as I was so full with the dumpling and other fruits that night.

Our breakfast at hawker stall
(The most recommended place to have your meal if you ever go to Singapore
as hawker stalls are part of their cultures I believe)

My first dinner in Miri at LaoYang with family.
They let me to order what I wanted to eat ;) Teehee.
Mani Cai (The vege on top left), my favourite vege!

My adorable brother who always play with another two younger siblings even he is turning 15 soon.

Look at my sweetie.
They are so me! Don't they? :P

Tadaaa Kek Batik from Hot Cross Bun, Miri.
Actually wanted to get some sponge cake or banana cake 
but since their expiry date is closer to the date I went to HCB so I bought this instead.

Pandan Cake which I bought a few days before I left Miri.
Some sort of pudding on top and cake at the bottom which created a special taste.
We used to get our parents to buy this for us in the past. :)

Not to forget wanton and claypot mee! 

Gan mian and my favourite mee sua chicken soup! 

Must-eat food: Nasi Lemak.
Had this at NagaLiar as my lunch with Shu Ling.
A great meet up time talking about our life and her passion on craft ;)

You can order your personalize handmade pencil case, keychain etc from her at a reasonable price!
Support and check her blog out! She's just starting to run a small business to fulfill her passion!

Her handmade pencil case for her first customer.
*I do not own this photo*
Blessed to meet my besties who were at Miri that time.
We may lead different life in different places now but our friendship will never end :)
May God bless each and everyone of them even none of them will read my blog lol -.-

Kuih from market and Roti Canai from Jack Canteen @Piasau Industry Area.

Also got a chance to drive after I get my driving license few months ago.
I can now understand what my friends said how stressful it is to drive when parent(s) is/are beside them.
Sometimes you just know you can do the turn etc but it will still lead to their argument :X
Anyway, it is because they care for you and want you to be safe than sorry :)   

Realized that I get closer with my family every time I go back to my hometown.
Probably because distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Reunion dinner with family the night before I left Miri.
All the kids @Lou Wai Lou, Pujut.

Uncle invited us for karaoke session after dinner.

Anyway, it's time to get back to my second sem of uni.
No more long weekend like last sem but still thank God that I can have my Friday free ;)
Fighting, everyone! Cheers ♥


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