Friday, May 17, 2013

Fruitful May

Yay finally have some time to blog after the hectic week which was full of assignments and tests!
Anyway, shout out for Friday! Wuuuhooo!

"Sweet" note and "sao bao" from friend which pulled me out from work

Curry puff from the same friend which was a bit too spicy to be my breakfast.
Whatever, I miss curry puff, the typical Malaysian food so much!

Hello Panda yay! People know me well. I love food! They kept me more motivated.
Friends are one of the best gifts from God! 

Evening sky view of Brisbane city which was taken from a moving car
so pardon me for the image quality. :P

Exercise time!
Went to "play" basketball with brothers and sisters in Christ few weeks ago
and had mini sport at church last Saturday.

Apparently, I need to exercise more and not only on special occasions!
The squat challenge in one minutes nearly "killed" me! 
I couldn't even get up with my own strength after 49 squats LOL
Well, for a moment, I felt sorry for my teammates 
because I almost let go the rest 30 secs not wanting to continue the squat challenge. 
Bla bla blaaa...
The consequent of having hectic sport once in a blue moon:
It took me days to recover from the serious muscle pain and made me walked like a zombie.
Can you imagine the pain when walking upstairs? Ouchhh

 Anyway, we got a bookmark and sweet colorful notebook for being the first runner up.

Every time we pray about something,
every time we sincerely take something to God,
God handles it, and God deals with it. - Max Lucado

Hmm.. think I should move more often.
Haha. But how? I'm a typical couched potato who love anime and don't like to move much.

Started to watch Innuyasha not long ago but couldn't enjoy it like what I did few years ago.
Probably because I've watched One Piece which hold a principle for not being too bloody 
as Innuyasha does for too long so I could hardly "accept" Innuyasha anymore.. 
Awww.. Innuyasha used to be my favorite. :') 

Tadaaa Chatime! Pearl Milk Tea!!
Drank it on a random Wednesday and I think my brain had included it to my Wednesday routine that 
I have to get one between a break that I have to satisfy my desire. 

It was way cheaper to buy a mask in Malaysia!!
But how, my skin was so so so so dry due to the weather.
Thus, I was "forced" to buy the expensive masks in Brisbane to "save" my poor skin.

And yay got a free 15ml sample of "Rose & Snow Fungus Classic Hydrating Night Jelly" 
for liking their page on FB. They were probably doing some promotion there.
Anyway, the effect of this gel was really good and the smell was pleasant as well. 

As a first year psychology student, I have to participate in some researches for the courses.
Therefore, I "had a hard time" rushing to sign up and attend the researches to fulfill the requirement.
Unexpectedly, I had a great harvest from one of the researches, a body image related research.
I was required to attend four discussion sessions for a month.
I've gained a different perspective towards body image 
and learnt how to embrace my body size as well as helping others on it too.
I'll blog about this someday in the future perhaps!
Feel free to request me to blog about it earlier too! Motivation is important hey! ;)

My first attempt to bake a cake!
It was a super easily made and special vegan cheesecake which is made up of tofu!
Yes, I'm not kidding, Tofu! Recipe from a Pilates instructor, Cassey Ho.
>>Vegan Cheesecake Recipe to Die For<<

Sneak peek of the future blog post. What caught their attention?
Stay tuned! Haha

I heard that it was about 34 degrees in Malaysia which was the opposite of Brisbane yesterday!
It was soooo cold yesterday that taking a shower almost took all my bravery.
So, keep warm for those who are in Brisbane and drink more water for those who are in Malaysia!
Take care everyone no matter where you are now! Jesus loves you! ♥
[Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. John 20:29]

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