Sunday, May 26, 2013

Food Hunting + Birthday Celebration

Hellooo how's everyone?
Hope you guys have a fantastic week!
If it wasn't, it's okay :) because everything happens according to God's perfect timing and planning. :)
Anyway, here you go, my food hunting journey!

Let's start with Maru Korean BBQ.
Went there as the weather was so cold and 
I was craving for Korean food and bibimbab (Korean rice cake)
(Also since I already been to Madtongsan for a few times so wanted to try out other new restaurants)

They got special side dishes and I love second one very much!
Probably because it was very refreshing to be eaten with so many more spicy and oilier food.

Kimchi Pancake!
Oh my gosh~ I love love love this. It tasted so good even it wasn't hot anymore.

Can't remember what was it but it was nice too!

I think this was Fish Cake Soup Oddengguk?
Anyway, I personally like the texture of the fish.
In my opinion, this restaurant was overally good in terms of food and service. 
There was so many people when I get there around 6stg in the evening so I had to wait for a few mins.
Probably because everyone was coming out for dinner at that time on Friday? I reckon

Another best thing to have during cold days --- hot drinks! Yay
I had hot chocolate from Starbucks!
I can't understand why people still order cold drinks during cold days XD
*No offend* You guys were just too strong! hehe

I love their New York Cheesecake!
 It had condensed and classy cheese taste! Aww ♥

Random picture among food pictures. My Beautiful Diary mask series.
I love Naruko's mask series more tho.

Tried out Pappa Roti at SunnyBank after seeing it from friend's blog post.
Haven't had one for a while since I last had one at west Malaysia few years back. 
Yea, it was originated in Malaysia.
And I can proudly say the buns are nice!!!

Bandung, rose syrup milk drink, a type of Malaysian drink.
Honestly, I don't have a good impression on Bandung.
At first, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to try it at Pappa Roti 
because I can barely remember the unpleasant taste of the one had in Malaysia.
I just don't really like it even I'm Malaysian... :(
Thank God the one I had at Pappa Roti wasn't that sweet and "eww" 
so I'm able to drink more of Bandung this time. :)

Yay! How sweet to have wanton even I'm in Australia?
But I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the pork in Australis has "weird" smell.
Anyway, I had a great time shaping "special" shapes for the wantons and eating them! Yumm ;)

Noodle Cup.
Havent had it for a long while since I thought they are really unhealthy :(

Went to Au Cirque at New Farm
for brunch with a bunch of friends to celebrate Vincroach's birthday yesterday.
It took us almost an hour to get there but yea still fine since it was just once in a while.

I had some sort of omelette with salmon topping and bean sprout inside.
It tasted really moist and the portion was a bit big for me. 
My friend tried some of it and can't understand how was I able to finish so much of it.
I guess this meal was nice to have a few bites of it but just too much to finish the whole thing.

Sarah's meal. Quite photogenic even it was simply taken in one shot. Don't you think so?
Didn't take photos of others' meal since I was too hungry that time @@

Jue's meal. Photo credit to Daniel.

Bryan's meal. Photo credit to Daniel once again.

Wish you enjoyed your birthday and forgive us for invited Mr Cockroach to celebrate with us too!
Let's the party begin......

After knowing the "presence" of fake cockroach, he became super tensed and alerted.
His housemates claimed that it wasn't with them.

No, Vincent! Don't leave us, we just wanna take a photo with you ;)

 Boooooom! Ahhhh~~~~~
Nah we were just kidding! :P

Picture time with Mr Cockroach! 
Haha. Don't feel secure so he insisted to cuddle their hands.

Group photo 1 with Bryan the photographer.
haha. Vincent was so insecure even Daniel putted his hands again his neck. 

 Group photo 2 with Esther the photographer.

 Party's over and time to go home... 

Anyway, once again, happy birthday Vincent!
Thanks for being such a warm, helpful and funny friend!

There will be more and more challenges and obstacles to come in the future.
May God strengthen you and keep you under His mighty hands.
Keep walking in faith and obey His words.
Wish you could continue to be a blessing to others and stay positive in life!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,
so that you may overflow with hope by the power of Holy Spirit. 
(Romans 15:13)

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