Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Gate-Away

Hello guys! How have you been?
It's the first week of uni after Easter break.

Shout-out for Thursday! Yay!

Had a great and memorable potluck night at Esther's house last Sunday
Some simple card games, Mafia, Jenga, Silent Game after dinner
Was a bit "lagging" when I was playing the silent game
lol. guess that's "typical Jacq" -.-
Anyway, I really realized the importance of communication and the togetherness of people!
It's so hard and awkward not to speak for me! lol
Especially the moment you're in a higher level and none of them wants to speak to you -.-
Not to forget the "ohh yesss!" moment you successfully "trick" someone to reply you! *Evil*

Went to Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant@South Bank during holiday
I normally dine-in once in a blue moon ;)
as I enjoy preparing food by myself and this helps me to save more $$ too!

It was a cold night.
By the way, I think it's quite windy recently too! grrrr *shivering*

 "Iskender" from Ahmed's favourite list.
Basically, it was oven roasted lamb on Turkish bread
with traditional Iskender sauce, yogurt and rice.
(Information from Ahmet's official website)

Might not seems photogenic 
(because I was too hungry and couldn't bother my camera to take too long to "eat" before me!) 
but yea personally, I like it very much!
Well, maybe I was just too hungry at that time (Hmm.. fair enough :P)
"Consequently", I fell in love with lamb for quite a period of time after that.

I'm not really into super sweet things like choc (weird for girls hey?)
But.... I only love love love choc when it goes with churros!
Or I should say it in the other way, I just love churros! (but not choc XD) Hehe
Churros from San Churros@South Bank

(Click to view their eye catchy menu - San Churros Menu)

Housemate asked me if psychology students aren't busy when she saw my food! 
Because people normally just wanna make something quick to eat after a tiring day.
But don't you think it is such an enjoyment when eating something that look nice?
I just thought it was my little "entertainment" after tiring studies! Teehee

Lunch box for the following day ;)

Dessert after dinner.
Yogurt with some strawberries, grapes, walnut, Bulla's mango ice-cream and vanilla ice-cream.
Contended! :D

Typical breakfast as usual! 
Lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, egg, onion with some black pepper and mayonnaise on top.
Hmm.. Perhaps I can have some noodles or wrap tomorrow morning.

Oh ya! Saw cute pink hibiscuses on the way to bible study group.
That's our national flower! (I used to see red hibiscus in Malaysia though)

Always love Thursday as it is the starting day of my long weekend. Buahahaha.
Good break from works anyway.
Heaps of assignments, tests, quizzes, essays to come!
I normally spend my Thursday to do some laundries, cleaning etc
Some YouTube vids, ebay, FB too! (tskk tskkk)

Mandy's handmade flag for Christmas parade '12
The most meaningful vids that I watched today would probably from Jeremy Lin's channel.
He shows pleasant personalities which could amazingly reflect God's grace and Christ in his life.
He is getting more and more famous, 
who in fact "should" promote for more big brands, 
or appear in "cooler" activities to get more fame and money.
 Yet, he still stays humble and is brave to share his testimony 
although sharing about religion might get "hated" by his fans.
I guess this is why he is so charming too. 
Admire him as a good role model of Christian!
By the way, VanNess Wu is also another Christian artist who I admire! 
Perhaps, there are more and more people like them who could be good representatives of God.

My handmade flag for Christmas parade '12. Jesus loves you!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
Galatians 6:9-10 

You know, action speaks louder than words.
Be a Christian who is devoted to God, live your life of Jesus!

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