Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Celebration for My Loved One

It's 2013! How time flies @@
No matter how was 2012, it's the past.
It enriched my history undeniably.
Really thank God for his guidance throughout year 2012!

My sister, Catherine and younger bro, Andy "officially" attended Sunday school on 01.06.2013!

 Paid a visit to Miri Methodist Children's House after Sunday Service. 
Sparks of fire grew in my heart after hearing kids' stories.
Furthermore I love kids so I decided to see how I can help in term of energy and time.
En. So I'm gonna teach primary three kids on Tues and Thurs at the moment =)
Kindly contact 085-413791 if you're interested to show some love for the kids.

Hey out of topic! Whose your loved one?
Well.. Maybe no one cares. XD 
Nah. Anyway, it was Catherine's 10th birthday!
She's my loved one ;)

Had lunch at 5 Degrees (A restaurant near Boulevard)

This drink is recommended! Cincau Milk? Can't really remember the name tho.
Doesn't only look nice but tastes great as well. ;)

We went to playground while waiting for Catherine's 5pm piano lesson

Swing! Yay!

A random, talkative 14 years old kid who can swing "real high".
The kids there were just admiring him! haha!

Bought this cake when Catherine was having her lesson.
I suggested to give Catherine her very first birthday surprise 
so we decided to have dinner at somewhere near her class.

Do you realize the "epic" of this photo?

Haha! It's Andy! Lol. No one has a single clue why his face was "like that"!
Even himself had no idea LOL!

Waited at Ipoh Town Cafe while mummy picked her from class.
That's Henry who held the cake and Andy with a victory pose

Hot chocholate I guess? 
A must-have if you go Ipoh Town Cafe!

Only realized that we forgot to take a family photo when someone asked me about it.
I do have video (or ppl called it "vlog") with me but they "warned" me not to post it XD
Hey but you guys look nice in it LOL

Photos with birthday girl ♥

Once again, happy birthday my lovely sis!
Wish you could continue to grow in God's word and live a joyful life!
God loves you and we love you too!

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