Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miss November

I'm officially 18!
In another words, people said I'm "finally legal". 

The conversation between homestay and me the day after my birthday.
"Did you go to casino?"
"Did you go to pub? Club?" "Did you get drunk?"
"No.. no no no.."
"Whaaaaat?! Why didn't you? Hahaha"
"Sharon, you should bring her to casino tonight!" 
"..." Just keep smiling :P

Lunch at Vapiano@City.
Pretty cool concept where you could watch the cooks cook for you! 
That's an early surprise birthday celebration for Daniel and me by the way.
6 days before my birthday! Lol.
Anyway, thanks to Clare, Vincent, Charlene, Shirley, Ivy, Vivian, 
Samantha, Esther, Wei Wei, Jonathan, Dennis for all the efforts! =)

Another birthday surprise from IES friends too!
It was the day before my birthday.
Yay for the Malaysian "gang"! 
Thanks to Clare, Lee Lian, Angie, Wei-lynn, Si Chia, 
Mark, Vincent, Anthony, Samuel, Anthony, Ivan and Kelvin!

The BBQ night at homestay before I turned 18.
The most SPECIAL "birthday cake" EVER in my life.
From my most creative, talented and funny homestay 
who claimed that I killed his CREATIVITY 
because I don't know how to enjoy THE ART.
LOL. Thanks to them anyway!

3rd of Nov! Went to church as usual.
There was a talk about love and relationship.
So I need to prepare for my future since I turned 18 huh? LOL.

Anyway, still learned something from that night.
Infatuation vs Genuine Love
Love needs commitments.
Just like God's unconditional love for us.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Yay for my most awesome Business Island team members and business management tutor!

Academic English class. Great AE teacher, Veronica.

The most funniest and "unexpected" chemistry teacher, Dave.

Aww.. It comes to the end of our foundation year!
Didn't take much photos. Most of the pictures are with my friends. 
Anyway, it's great to study in UQFY aka IES in order to get along with 
English speaking and some preparations to uni in Aus.
Besides, it a rare and great opportunity to meet friends from all over the world
which is really cool and interesting! Teeheeee
Sweet memories... =)

 Seriously I didn't take much pictures nowadays like I did before? 
Aging? Lol. For real? XD Oh noooooo..
*Wondering if I'll feel like hitting myself when I read this few years ago*
*18 starts to aging then how about 20+, 30+,....*
*It's true at some point though. Aren't people getting older and older? HAHAHA*

18th birthday wishes:

Mum could celebrate my birthday with me when I turn 21.
I could continue to grow spiritually in Christ and be a good testimony to others including non-believers.
Knowing who am I and what I really want.
(Too much for a wish? Aiyo. Just a wish la =P)
(Just kidding. Reserved until I could think of one XD)

Happy belated birthday to me =)
Thanks God for leading me through these years no matter good times or bad times.
Thanks to each and everyone of you who send me wishes and gifts.
Appreciate those who walked into my life and be with me 
I'm truly blessed 

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