Saturday, October 20, 2012

Honored to be chosen

Randomly saw my old pictures which were taken few years ago.
Ohhhhh myyyy goshhh!! We were so..... Zzzzzzzz...
Alright. Not to mention that anymore.
Awww ladies~ IMY guys!
One and a half month to go then I'll be back~~

Overwhelmed with the love and support from friends and family!
Can't thank you guys more! THANK YOU GUYS!

Lesson learnt this week:
Always have backups for your documents!
Or else you will have a HEART ATTACK when you lost your pen drive aka USB!

Yay! Had my first Youth Sunday in Brisbane last Sunday!
Here's the group photo with 
English Youth Fellowship, Young Adult Fellowship and Junior Youth Fellowship.

Fav quote of the day:
Follow Jesus whatever it takes!

Chinese Youth Fellowship's presentation.
Sang ‘差遣’
Can you spot me?

Teehee. Of course you can't.
coz I wasn't at there that time.
Very honored that I was selected to sing with mic for a few lines. 
With Siew Ying & Vincent!

CYF's group photo.

Informal one! 
According to them, Nick was trying to push and make girls fell.
Those on my left were making "huuuhhhh", the surprised face.
Guys at the back were still smiling and standing "peacefully" while some were blocked by the talls?
Alright, angle problem! haha
Clare and I were the 'bullies'! lol. I was trying to punch Vincent.
Lol. alright. To be honest, I did accidentally punched him. 

 Gloria, Joy, me and Lee Lian.
Yay! I'm the tallest! How touch! hahaha =P 

Another performance on Praise Night.

Masterchef 2012! Yay. Our group was the champion! 
All glory to God.

With the most blessed-handsome-talented pastor!
This was taken few months ago
but yea. anyway here you go..

 I was elected as one of the 2013 CYF committees.
Really honored! Thanks God for chosen me to work for Him with others!
I know that I have no experience before this and might even not have the qualifications to carry out the work.
Thank to brothers and sisters in Christ as well as my friends and family who support me.
I know that God loves everyone of us and he uses all things for good.
He uses people to do His work, reach people and accomplish his purpose.

But I know the difference between working for a organisation and fellowship.
As any other groups, we work as a team, not individual.
The difference is, in fellowship, we have God's strength with us.
Leading us through good times and bad/hard times.
In Jesus, we are one family.

Perhaps, what I do can glorify Him!
Perhaps, what I do can be a testimony to not only non-believers, but other Christians as well =)
Perhaps, I can surrender all my wills, my soul and my heart to Him.
Perhaps isn't only "perhaps"!
Because everything is possible when we are with God.
Here I am to serve you and serve the people in the world.
Send me, Lord!

It's been a busy week for me! Another busy week's coming!
Wow! I know it would be a tough period to go.
Assignments are going to due soon. Meanwhile, exam is around the corner!
Anyway, stay calm and keep going on your life!
All the best in your studies, work, relationship and everything.
Do approach me if you need any prayers or need a pair of ears to hear you ;)

Love ya! Stay tuned! 

*Oh ya. I just signed up for nuffnang. Please kindly help me to click on it~!
(Scroll to the top and you'll see it under my blog title "The One and Only Me").
It just takes seconds! Thank you so muchiieeee! 

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