Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keep going, Keep running.

You know. Time flies.
I've been in Brisbane for more than six months.
Slowly adopted to the culture, adopted to the living style.

The moment I turned my back to my mummy and aunt.
Walked into the custom with the stewardess.
Don't even dare to glance back at them.
I wasn't sure if I can stand anymore.
Tears poured like raining.
Everything just happened in a blink of an eye.
So near, yet so far.

I heard, I saw, I experienced and I learnt.
Learning so much after leaving the place that I've been living for 17 years.
People is different, with different thoughts.
It's hard not to conform. In fact, I refuse to conform much.
I guess that's why I'm suffering so much aye?

Thanks God for giving me the ability and bravery to keep on running, keep on going.
 Learn how to deal with problems, learn how to face them, learn not to conform easily.
I always give thanks to God for chosen me as His kid.
It doesn't mean that you don't have to face obstacles in life after being a Christian.
In fact, you will have the strength to face those problems.
You just need to leave them to God and pray to Him with all your heart.
He will hear our prayers, and he always do!

Thanks God that I still have amazing family and besties back in my hometown supporting me.
Not to forget, some true friends in Brisbane.
You guys are important to me, very important, really important.
Teach me so much, help me so much, love me that much.

Thanks for staying with me, always there for me.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. 
I love you guys! 

And yea. All photos in this post were taken by me with Samsung Galaxy Siii.
Except for the first one, I took it with my ex-housemate's Sii.
All non-edited as well.
Amazing right? Teehee.

This is my cert of baptism which I promised my dear Mandy to show her ages ago.
Teehee. Here you go!
Congratulation to Mandy and ah Van who just got their baptism not long ago too!
Keep growing in Christ!
God bless! 

My dear said she can hardly see
I upload a photo of myself recently and wonder if I am alright.
Another friend just realized that I smile a lots when talking.
Didn't I always do that? Oh? Maybe I used to do so in Malaysia?
Didn't even really realized that I might have changed.

Act cute? Hahaha.
So what? =P
If I don't "act" now. 
When should I?
10 years later? 20 years later?
Teeheeee =P

Anyway, yay, it's holiday!
Take care guys! Rest well.
God bless.

♥ Stay tuned! 

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