Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time flies. Hello June!

I bought the new iPad on Wednesday after so much consideration.
The main reasons are I can't stand carrying heavy laptop around to do my work every time 
and I need it to do my work when I'm waiting for the bus or on the way to somewhere.
My hand phone is way too small for me to do them.
I can hardly do a question because I have to slide here and there to see the whole question.
Phewww.. Thanks God and dad for this awesome iPad aye!

And yea. I found an useful apps or whatever especially for studies!
It's like you can access your document wherever you are as long as you have it with you.
You can easily transfer the file in between your device,
save and get the document without the aids of pendrive.
It's called Dropbox !
Feel free to check it out and download it in your computer, handphone or tablet.
You will find it super convenient and make life less miserable! haha

Supposed to do business plan today but ended up playing TheSims and watching drama.
tsk tsk.. 

Free KitKat from 7-eleven!
This offer has ended but no worries 
because there's still other freebies to be given away!


Finally got contact lenses all the way from Malaysia!
The delivery cost is soooooo high! -.-
Anyway, thanks mummy for sending me this and the love letter from sis and her inside.  ❤


Took it on the way back to home yesterday.
Before and after edit.

Before and after edit.
Not much difference. Yea. I know.

Spend some time to do cleaning and tidying the whole room.

My food store! muahahaha!

Diva and Colette on sale!
so I grabbed an owl necklace from diva and another two from colette.

Photo taken last week. 
Mummy spotted the similarity.
I don't often do that. 
oh wait, it's hardly to see me doing that.
Spot the "similarity" and take a wild guess! haha

Ending with a photo taken by using my new iPad.

Wow. It's 12.35am now!
Have to wake up early tomorrow though.
Oh, by the way, I just had my testimonial in fellowship "last night" (Saturday).
Thanks God for His grace and everything.

Have a blessed week ahead and sorry for the late update!
Stay tuned! ❤❤❤



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