Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Highest figure in my life

Oh yeah. 
As my title, I've got the "highest figure" on the scale in my life!
I thought I would never see this figure on the scale? 
Well, obviously, I'm wrong :'(
Thanks to those who always told me that I don't look fat at all huh!
*Nah I'm just kidding. I know you guys just be nice to me by not revealing the truth*
and thanks to the heaps of assignments and exams where I must eat fooood 
to stay awake and keep my tummy well!
What a good excuse huh?

 Honestly, this photo was taken erm.. weeks ago? 
And.. I bought something again for my food store!
haha.. keep growing food store! keep growing!
but it's just weird.. 
Sometimes, I still couldn't find something to eat!

The last present from my angel. 
Thanks for the support and care throughout this game.
I know you're reading now! haha

Thanks for the present, angel !
I guess it would be useful during winter aye?

2 down! 3 more to go!
I need holiday!!! T.T
Planning in process.....

Aww.. got homesick recently.
Those who saw my Facebook or Instagram updates should know.
Sooooo regret not going back Malaysia. 
I miss everyone there especially my mummy :'( and fooooood! 
Saw a YouTube video recently and agree that 
*No offense. Other countries' foods are nice too but I'm typically Malaysian so I <3 Malaysian food!

Super addicted to YouTube!
Those are my favourite channels that I subscribed.
I spent my time to watch all nigahiga's videos these days even I'm now in exam period.
Ryan Higa is way stunning, charming and cute! =P
P/S: This is not a confess, right? haha!
P/SS: The list is just randomly written and not ranked =) 

Random picture.
I bought them in Bris and only two of them aren't.

Ending with a pretty pink flower picture which was taken few weeks ago.. I guess?

3 more subjects to go! everything will be fine right?
yes! ush ush ush! With God I'm possible!
Guess I'm gonna sleep soon.
*Yawnnn.. Nah I lied. I din yawn at all. haha. but I'm tired. it's truth.
Alright! Good night! Take care everyone! 
Stay tuned!

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