Saturday, April 14, 2012

A different Easter holiday in my life

How have you guys been?
Sorry for the delay!
I've been so lazy these days.
erm.. I mean too busy to update my blog! 

 Creme egg from Junior Youth Fellowship.
Some chocolates from our chemistry teacher.
A big bunny-chocolate and card from my angel =)
Present from my white angel as I had my 2nd birthday on Easter Day.

Huh? What? My birthday? Yea!
I had my baptism on this Easter Day!
I met some resistances before I could have my baptism.
My family isn't christian. 
After so many prayers, I was finally allowed to have baptism this year.
Thanks God for hearing and answering my prayers these years!
Million thanks to those who prayed for me these years especially my neighbor.
They brought me to church and giving me chance to know our God. 

I used to be so selfish, proud... and don't know what's life all about..
who am I? what's the goal of my life? where's my tomorrow?
Without Jesus in my life, I can't imagine what am I gonna be now.

Yes, I've found my answer.
Jesus is the answer! 
He is my savior, my way, my light and my strength!

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. 
No one comes to the Father except through me. 

Thanks God. I'm so blessed! 

Outing with Elise, Esther and Clare.

I bought 3 lip balm as they was on sale. Each for $2.99!
Nail strengthener ($19.99) which is cheaper than the price in Miri (my hometown)
so I bought it without too much consideration =S
Yea. I changed a case for my phone too.
It looks so different and new now.
Makes me even love it!

I made a.. erm.. pen holder? yesterday.
I just simply love the concept of Naruko.
You can reuse the box by making something useful with the steps given.
Yay! Save the earth!
If our earth can talk, what do you think she would tell us?

Ending with my recent favourites.
Breadtop and Hello Panda!

The weather is changing cooler here. Keep warm, guys!
Stay tuned!


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