Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nearly say goodbye to this world. Thanks God that I'm still alive!

I was so lazy to do my assignments today.
Thus, I decided to "swim" in my home stay swimming pool.
*Well, I can't swim. I just played with the water.*

Camwhore before get into the water.
I didn't look really nice in all the pictures.
I just uploaded all of them anyway. With reason! >.<
< Photos taken beside the pool >

But I felt like the photos should be able 
to show that I'm in the water for blog purpose or whatever.
Then I sat on the side way of the pool with my sexy legs!

Still felt like wanna get more into the water. 
I stood in the pool where there's a stair so I won't get really wet.

Guess what?
After I took the last photo of the series, 
I accidentally had another step then I dropped into the water!!!

I can't swim!
The hand phone still in my hand!
The depth of water is beyond my height. I suppose.

I was like..
Holding the hand phone with my right hand, trying to avoid it to get into the water with me
like biscuit dip into the Milo (a kind of drinks *Not Angie's cat! XD)
Tried to use another hand to let myself float and get back to the shore.
I think it took me around 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Idk. I suppose. haha

During that time, my only thought was.. I can neither let myself die drowning nor my phone!
But honestly, another thought after that was..
It's not a really bad thing if my phone broke, 
because I can finally change my Galaxy SI to Galaxy SII or Iphone 4S!! HAHA!
Unbelievable that so much thinking popped out from my mind even I was about to drown!
Anyway, I think I did prayed to God so I won't really drown by that time too =)
And yeah! Thanks God that I'm still alive! Hallelujah


Currently addicted to this game: Draw Something!
Always find it funny to draw or guess friends' drawing!
See this bad Brendan.
Denis's mouth! Brendan don't even draw before he wrote this! XD
*Well, our friend, Denis has a sexy-thick-mouth with him*
*Hence, duck is his nickname*

See James's drawing!
Mouse's ears, pig's nose, short limbs with long pig's tail !
Does it make sense to be a monkey?
LOL! how cutee!! -.-
And yeah, the pregnant!
When I saw the red hair at first, I thought it gonna be a western star.
Well, I know nothing about western stars! =/
Hmm.. Sometimes I just feel smart if I can get what my friends are trying to draw! XD

My drawing.
Doesn't look like perfume meh? Clare said not ohh..
Arggh.. must be something wrong with her. =P =P

See! This is her drawing!
She was trying to draw an animal. 
I think there should be a pair of ears for it so I asked her to draw it. 
Without much thinking, she drew that 'ear' for it. 
I was like..... Ear???? Speechless la!!!
* Cow with Human's ear?!* -.-

Today is Kelvin Yii's birthday!
Happy birthday brother! =D
Wish you enjoy your birthday surprise on Friday and love your basketball from us !

 I ♥ my small eyes!

 Lastly, today is my very first month in Brisbane.
I think I started to get used to the life here.

Aww.. I love my life here!

I  ♥ ♥ 
♥ God - My strength 
♥ CMFY (Youth) & Church - Place where I could feel the warm and joy.
♥ Choir - However I didn't sang on the right key as I was unable to have a practice with them before the presentation today and I don't really remember how to sing the song. Hopefully no one realize it except Clare as she stood beside me just now. I wonder why I can't hear other Alto members' sound! =/
♥ My friends - They're so adorable!
♥ Home stay - I love the dishes! XD Quite far from school but great place to live anyway! =P
♥ IES college - Great place to study. And where I could meet my friends. XD
♥ Myself - I don't need a reason to ♥ myself, right? XD
♥ Family and friends in my hometown - How could I forget you guys! 

Too much for a post!
Stay tuned.
Take care 

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