Friday, March 16, 2012

A little update!

This gonna be a random post.

14 blog walkers at that night.
It's a great number of blog walkers for me =)
Thanks God!

From my sweet White Angel 
An event of our youth.
I'll explain and post about it if I have time for it in the future.

"好正" Calendar from Clare.
OMG. Are you trying to tell me something, Clare? XD
*Those who can understand Chinese will get what I meant! HAHA*

Cute key chain from Clare as well.
Oboriginal of Taiwan.
She bought it from her last trip to Taiwan.
Awww!! I want to visit Taiwan as well!!!

What Clare and I had after school yesterday.
Chicken McBites for $2 and Soft Serve Cone for $0.30 !

I had cereal with milk for breakfast today.

 Oreo from my housemate, Eury! 

Folder from my Japanese classmate, Rika! 
Awww!! One Piece!!!
She bought it for me from Japan as souvenir when she went back
to Japan for her Graduation ceremony.
She knew I love One Piece!!
How sweet!!
*Made in JAPAN!* Peace!!!

I bought shampoo and conditioner from The Body Shop.
Simply love its fragrance when I used Chloe's shampoo and conditioner
during the trip to Singapore in January.
Finding time to write a post for my trip to Singapore...

Have to rush with my Behavioural Science assignment,
homework and examinations!!!
This gonna be a busy weekend!
May God bless me and whom I love.

Stay tuned ❤ ❤ 

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