Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Beloved Home Stay in Brisbane

Home stay is the first destination of mine in Brisbane.
I've been here for six days.
I'm so blessed that I got a good home stay in the first year. =D
Thanks God!

With good home stay parents, Sharon and Thomas
who are from China and Hong Kong respectively.

Rina, a Malaysian girl and Euri, a China girl
as my housemates =)

Yeah, meet Muffin!
She's really obedient which is well-trained by Thomas!
Credit to him! *Clap Clap*
She won't simply bark or bite! Haha!
She jumped on me when she first met me.
(Or I should say I didn't know she would jump on everyone
as she would get excited when she see anyone approach to her
so she got a chance to jump on me when I stepped out of the kitchen.)
Too bad, I'm to short for her to jump and stand by me >.<
A bit scary for me. *Woops*
But, I start to fall in love with Muffin now!
She is so adorable and obedient!!

This is the swimming pool outside the house.
Sharon told me that I can swim anytime as I like.
The fact is.... I can't swim!
Or maybe I should buy a float before I go and swim at there? *Blushing*

This is the dining place.
(Or should it be dining room? Idk. There's no walls and door there. =P )
We have our dinner at 7.30pm everyday.
Unbelievable when Sharon told me that Thomas is a better cook than her!
LOL! And yeah, Thomas is a good cook!
Anyway, looking forward for Sharon's cooking! Ahaha..

Laundry room!
I can only wash my clothes with housemates' clothes once a week
which is so different from the past
that my mum used the washing machine to wash our clothes everyday. *Ooops*
But yeah, I still can hand wash my clothes if I want too. (I think so. =/ )

The place where I make myself some toasts every morning.

There's X-Box for us to play anytime as we like.
(Nah. Don't think of midnight la!)
Too sad. I have to play it alone if I want as my China housemate, Euri don't play that
while I rarely can meet my Malaysian housemate, Rina at home except for dinner time.

Building blocks, mahjong, and cards for us to play.
Cute chicken! LOL!

The bathroom.
Fortunately, there's no a single rule says that I can only bath for only a few minutes.
My friend, Chloe's home stay in Perth got this rule.
How unlucky. =/ *Ooopps*
As the water in Australia is really expensive
so I think we shouldn't take our bath for too long.

And yeah, we can just drink water from the tap!
It's sounds weird but it really can be consumed!
Oh, I must try to get used to it soon! =x

Hello to our toilet! HAHA
It is separated from the bathroom and located beside my bedroom!


I think that's all from me today.
I have to sleep now as I need to go for the last day of orientation tomorrow morning!

Goodbye, my lovers!
Stay tuned!

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