Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Brisbane!

This would be the first post that I'm going to write in Brisbane.
I think I have to force myself to write my blog in English so I can improve my English.
Nah, feel free to tell me if you spot any Grammar mistake or what so ever.
This would help me a lot!

Let's talk about the first day in Brisbane.
Clare came to my home stay and brought me out to Garden City by bus.
It's like killing my brain cell to recognize where to get to the bus stop,
which bus should I get to and when should I press the stop button.

I almost get lose on the way when I walked back to home that day.
Yet, the reason is pretty stupid.
I was too happy to enjoy the beautiful scene along the road,
thinking of other things instead of watching out
which way to go.
You might think it's not a big deal!
But! For me, it's horrible!
Then I called Clare to make sure that I'm on the right path.
*And yeah, my hand phone is running out of battery.*
You can guess how nervous was I.
Fortunately, I went back home safely that day. Phewww..

This is the telecommunication service that I use in Brisbane, Vodafone.
We got a recharge of $50 for the first month.
It's super cool!
Unlimited calls, text messages, 1Gb data to access internet
and free access to some social websites.

*I just called my grandfather to wish him happy birthday
and talked to my uncle and grandmother.
$21.40 for around 10 minutes call to home number in Malaysia.
It's pretty much. =x But, I think they worth it so it's okay. =) *


Circumstance that I met on the first night.
I was like "................" (speechless) when I found out that
I forgot to bring adapter for my electronic products.

See! Different shape and size. -.-
Fortunately, I was able to borrow an adapter from my China housemate, Euri.
She's a straightforward girl.
She also taught me to get back to the house on the first day of orientation.
I think she's going insane soon as I am really not good in direction. (So as Clare =x )

I bought 2 adapters on the second day.
$9 per adapter.

And yeah, I went to church on this day.
I am so blessed.
I forgot to change my time zone of my hand phone
so I only woke up by the time Auntie "Mei Juan" called me . -.-
(Brisbane is two hours earlier than Malaysia)
Luckily, she gave me 10 minutes to prepare myself
so I was able to attend Sunday service that day.
I feel so sorry for them. >.<
She's the one who is going to pick me to church every Sunday morning for Sunday service.

After church, I went to the buy adapters with Clare and Angie's family.
Angie's parents are super kind!!
They met me for the first time and they lend $200 for me as I was still with my Malaysia Ringgit.
Woww. They probably don't scare I bring the money and run away from them FOREVER. lol
And yeah, Angie is super energetic and cute!
I think there's a lot of chances for us to go for shopping together in the future. =P

Culture Shock!
There's no lock at my room and toilet.
(I'm too lazy to rotate the photo as I only realize it after I uploaded it)
[Chloe said she don't have one with her home stay at Perth too.]
But, we got lock in the bathroom now after I talked to my home stay parent.
Sharon and Thomas are my young home stay parents here.
They always trying to be a good home stay parents and I think they are too.

My bed is just beside the window.
Hence, I woke up by the sunshine before the alarm every morning.
That's pretty great experience too =D

This is the Go card which Clare bought for me using her student ID.

This is me in the school today.
Clare and I are too bored while waiting for the time to go to our subject information sessions.
Therefore, we started to take photos there!

Nah, my internal camera is too lousy for a good quality photo. =(

This Clare took my hand phone to do this thing while I had no attentive.

With cute Angie. =D

Angie and Clare.


Heyy Clare, I really think that you need to improve your photo taking skill !
But, millions thanks to her as she really did a great job for looking after me in Brisbane!
Love ya! <3


By the way, one thing that I enjoyed pretty much during orientation period
is that I can meet a lots of new friends from different countries!
They are mostly from China, followed by Hong Kong and Korea.


It's 12.05am now.
I'm so tired and dizzy. T.T
I think I should go to rest now.
See ya guys!

Stay tune =3


  1. haha... i am really looking forward to more of your adventures >.<

    keep on updating yo~! can really improve vocabulary :-)

    1. LOL. adventures? haha.. anyway, thanks for the visit =)
      If you spot any mistake from the posts, do let me know on Facebook or wherever okay?

      Thank you and take care! =D

  2. Me too~ Take more and more photos~ =)
    Keep on updating.
    Keep in touch ya~
    Miss ya~ ♥

    1. Okay! I would try my best to do so =D
      Keep in touch with me too!
      Do take care!
      With love ♥

  3. WAAA Koreans?! I wanna meet a korean someday! Lolol XD
    Yaya more photos so that i can imagine myself being there hahaha :D
    Oh btw, i tried washing like twice per day everyday and it worked! i can see my black hair roots growing out already. :))

    Good day mate!
    ^I heard that that's how aussies greet people. I knew it from tv lol. Do they greet people like that there? *curious* Oh, and meet any cute guys yet?! hehehe jk :P

    TTYL ^^

    1. HAHA. If I'm not lazy and can get them to take some photos as we would normally busy with our own classes.

      Glad to hear that! Haha. =D

      Hmm.. Depends on the people oh.. Like sale girls or cashiers. They would say:" hey you going? " as a greet.

      Cute guys? LOL. What sort of cute do you mean? =P

      And what's "TTYL" ? paiseh paiseh!

      Take care! =) ♥



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