Friday, February 17, 2012

Fullstop for the IES Orientation (Feb group in 2012)

Most of the photos of mine looks weird here.
Anyway, I would just upload them with thousands of unwillingness.

I believe you guys know Clare so I would just skip her part! XD
Just kidding!
Thanks Clare again for being my babysitter here.
Hehe.. I can't imagine what would I be in Brisbane without her.

Clare, me and Lee Lian.
Kelvin took this photo when we were camwhoring.
Surprisingly, we like this photo pretty much! 
Credit to three of us for being good models

All Malaysian!
Farouq, me, Clare and Kelvin.
OMG? They almost got the same height as me?

I hope it is. HAHA.
But this is what's going on!
They was trying to bend their knees! 
So it wouldn't be awkward as the heights are so different?
As Farouq said:" Hey, try to be the same level as them!" 
(Whatever. It's something like that.)
This is how we got the previous photo! LOL!
Nah, I know I'm just a little bit shorter than.. not that tall, okay?

Clare and Madeline, a Malaysian girl who had been studying at Singapore for years.

Random shot by me as I was so frustrated 
that I can't get Melody and Fred's photos since the first day of orientation.
*So I took it secretly*
Don't be shy! =P

Me and Madeline. =D

 Melody and I!
Policewomen in the house! Yo! yo! 
*I must be crazy*
I forgot who said the black jacket (or whatever it is) is really heavy
but it reminds me of the one I had in Brunei hospital for X-ray.
And yeah, not as heavy as the one I had for X-ray.
*Sap sap shui* in cantonese if not mistaken!

Photo taken with two beautiful girls from GuangZhou and Taiwan.
Hello! Nice to meet you! =)

Nah, here's the photo of the day!

Fred and Clare! 
They are going to have English, Mathematics and Physics classes together!
How NICE! Even I only have one class (English) with Clare.
Everyone are distributed and separated into different classes! =(
See! This is fate! Two of you can be in the same classes for 3 subjects!
Three! Three! Three!
Now, I would like to proclaim that Fred is now belongs to Clare!
Blekk.. forgot about it! I'm just too jealous! =/
I hope this wouldn't piss two of you off when you guys are here. =x

Here is the actual description of this photo from Clare's blog:
<<Arrested Fred because he always hides when he sees camera!

And yeah, don't worry!
Both of them are not taken yet.
So feel free to grab any of them.  LOL!


Anyway, we are going to have our lessons 
starting from next Monday after this honeymoon week!

Arrghh! Let's study hard and have more great times together in the future!

Take care
Stay tuned

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