Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy moments with Clare

Clare came to my home stay to prepare meals for youth fellowship yesterday.
We've prepared sushi and spaghetti with two different sauces.
According to other peoples' saying, they were pretty nice! HAHA!

This is the remaining spaghetti for my breakfast today!
It tastes better when it's hot.
Yeah! I can cook for my siblings when I go back to Malaysia!
They would admire me for more and more and moreee! 

We decided to have a stroll after we've done with the preparation.
And yeah, it's raining a couple of minutes! 
That's crazy.
We just camwhore on the pedestrian path 
and the neighbor were looking at us like we were crazy!

The wind blew strongly!
And it transformed the umbrella into "cacat" state!
Clare complaint me for laughing her like a mad instead of
 helping her with the umbrella after that.
I was like.. huh? is it?!
I think I didn't realized that I should have the responsibility to help with her eh!

LOL. You can't imagine how crazy were we!

Actually we thought of playing and running in the rain without umbrella.
*One of the things that I had the excitement to do every time 
after I finished with my PMR and SPM but never dare to have a try. =/
Too bad. This miss only bring extra Tee and shorts here 
but not something important that we girls need inside.
SO! She can't get wet as my home stay don't have clothes dyer =/
Too sad!

Clare do think of putting plastic bags and cellotape 
on her clothes so she won't get wet.
Sounds crazy huh?
Crazy people got crazy thinking bah! XD

Camwhoring with her new iPad2 after my bath.
Let's start with a normal one.

Two cute rabbits! HAHA

Abnormal one!
Or I should say.. Ugly one! 
The stupid look.

And here comes the photo of the day! 
What do you think? LOL!
I know. I know. 
It's really stupid.
I totally have no image now. T.T

Have the urgent to upload another normal photo to balance my image!
My hair is getting longer and longer! Yeah! =D

Here I come!
Third week in Brisbane!

Take care my lovers!

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