Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crazy moments with Clare

Clare came to my home stay to prepare meals for youth fellowship yesterday.
We've prepared sushi and spaghetti with two different sauces.
According to other peoples' saying, they were pretty nice! HAHA!

This is the remaining spaghetti for my breakfast today!
It tastes better when it's hot.
Yeah! I can cook for my siblings when I go back to Malaysia!
They would admire me for more and more and moreee! 

We decided to have a stroll after we've done with the preparation.
And yeah, it's raining a couple of minutes! 
That's crazy.
We just camwhore on the pedestrian path 
and the neighbor were looking at us like we were crazy!

The wind blew strongly!
And it transformed the umbrella into "cacat" state!
Clare complaint me for laughing her like a mad instead of
 helping her with the umbrella after that.
I was like.. huh? is it?!
I think I didn't realized that I should have the responsibility to help with her eh!

LOL. You can't imagine how crazy were we!

Actually we thought of playing and running in the rain without umbrella.
*One of the things that I had the excitement to do every time 
after I finished with my PMR and SPM but never dare to have a try. =/
Too bad. This miss only bring extra Tee and shorts here 
but not something important that we girls need inside.
SO! She can't get wet as my home stay don't have clothes dyer =/
Too sad!

Clare do think of putting plastic bags and cellotape 
on her clothes so she won't get wet.
Sounds crazy huh?
Crazy people got crazy thinking bah! XD

Camwhoring with her new iPad2 after my bath.
Let's start with a normal one.

Two cute rabbits! HAHA

Abnormal one!
Or I should say.. Ugly one! 
The stupid look.

And here comes the photo of the day! 
What do you think? LOL!
I know. I know. 
It's really stupid.
I totally have no image now. T.T

Have the urgent to upload another normal photo to balance my image!
My hair is getting longer and longer! Yeah! =D

Here I come!
Third week in Brisbane!

Take care my lovers!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fullstop for the IES Orientation (Feb group in 2012)

Most of the photos of mine looks weird here.
Anyway, I would just upload them with thousands of unwillingness.

I believe you guys know Clare so I would just skip her part! XD
Just kidding!
Thanks Clare again for being my babysitter here.
Hehe.. I can't imagine what would I be in Brisbane without her.

Clare, me and Lee Lian.
Kelvin took this photo when we were camwhoring.
Surprisingly, we like this photo pretty much! 
Credit to three of us for being good models

All Malaysian!
Farouq, me, Clare and Kelvin.
OMG? They almost got the same height as me?

I hope it is. HAHA.
But this is what's going on!
They was trying to bend their knees! 
So it wouldn't be awkward as the heights are so different?
As Farouq said:" Hey, try to be the same level as them!" 
(Whatever. It's something like that.)
This is how we got the previous photo! LOL!
Nah, I know I'm just a little bit shorter than.. not that tall, okay?

Clare and Madeline, a Malaysian girl who had been studying at Singapore for years.

Random shot by me as I was so frustrated 
that I can't get Melody and Fred's photos since the first day of orientation.
*So I took it secretly*
Don't be shy! =P

Me and Madeline. =D

 Melody and I!
Policewomen in the house! Yo! yo! 
*I must be crazy*
I forgot who said the black jacket (or whatever it is) is really heavy
but it reminds me of the one I had in Brunei hospital for X-ray.
And yeah, not as heavy as the one I had for X-ray.
*Sap sap shui* in cantonese if not mistaken!

Photo taken with two beautiful girls from GuangZhou and Taiwan.
Hello! Nice to meet you! =)

Nah, here's the photo of the day!

Fred and Clare! 
They are going to have English, Mathematics and Physics classes together!
How NICE! Even I only have one class (English) with Clare.
Everyone are distributed and separated into different classes! =(
See! This is fate! Two of you can be in the same classes for 3 subjects!
Three! Three! Three!
Now, I would like to proclaim that Fred is now belongs to Clare!
Blekk.. forgot about it! I'm just too jealous! =/
I hope this wouldn't piss two of you off when you guys are here. =x

Here is the actual description of this photo from Clare's blog:
<<Arrested Fred because he always hides when he sees camera!

And yeah, don't worry!
Both of them are not taken yet.
So feel free to grab any of them.  LOL!


Anyway, we are going to have our lessons 
starting from next Monday after this honeymoon week!

Arrghh! Let's study hard and have more great times together in the future!

Take care
Stay tuned

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Beloved Home Stay in Brisbane

Home stay is the first destination of mine in Brisbane.
I've been here for six days.
I'm so blessed that I got a good home stay in the first year. =D
Thanks God!

With good home stay parents, Sharon and Thomas
who are from China and Hong Kong respectively.

Rina, a Malaysian girl and Euri, a China girl
as my housemates =)

Yeah, meet Muffin!
She's really obedient which is well-trained by Thomas!
Credit to him! *Clap Clap*
She won't simply bark or bite! Haha!
She jumped on me when she first met me.
(Or I should say I didn't know she would jump on everyone
as she would get excited when she see anyone approach to her
so she got a chance to jump on me when I stepped out of the kitchen.)
Too bad, I'm to short for her to jump and stand by me >.<
A bit scary for me. *Woops*
But, I start to fall in love with Muffin now!
She is so adorable and obedient!!

This is the swimming pool outside the house.
Sharon told me that I can swim anytime as I like.
The fact is.... I can't swim!
Or maybe I should buy a float before I go and swim at there? *Blushing*

This is the dining place.
(Or should it be dining room? Idk. There's no walls and door there. =P )
We have our dinner at 7.30pm everyday.
Unbelievable when Sharon told me that Thomas is a better cook than her!
LOL! And yeah, Thomas is a good cook!
Anyway, looking forward for Sharon's cooking! Ahaha..

Laundry room!
I can only wash my clothes with housemates' clothes once a week
which is so different from the past
that my mum used the washing machine to wash our clothes everyday. *Ooops*
But yeah, I still can hand wash my clothes if I want too. (I think so. =/ )

The place where I make myself some toasts every morning.

There's X-Box for us to play anytime as we like.
(Nah. Don't think of midnight la!)
Too sad. I have to play it alone if I want as my China housemate, Euri don't play that
while I rarely can meet my Malaysian housemate, Rina at home except for dinner time.

Building blocks, mahjong, and cards for us to play.
Cute chicken! LOL!

The bathroom.
Fortunately, there's no a single rule says that I can only bath for only a few minutes.
My friend, Chloe's home stay in Perth got this rule.
How unlucky. =/ *Ooopps*
As the water in Australia is really expensive
so I think we shouldn't take our bath for too long.

And yeah, we can just drink water from the tap!
It's sounds weird but it really can be consumed!
Oh, I must try to get used to it soon! =x

Hello to our toilet! HAHA
It is separated from the bathroom and located beside my bedroom!


I think that's all from me today.
I have to sleep now as I need to go for the last day of orientation tomorrow morning!

Goodbye, my lovers!
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Brisbane!

This would be the first post that I'm going to write in Brisbane.
I think I have to force myself to write my blog in English so I can improve my English.
Nah, feel free to tell me if you spot any Grammar mistake or what so ever.
This would help me a lot!

Let's talk about the first day in Brisbane.
Clare came to my home stay and brought me out to Garden City by bus.
It's like killing my brain cell to recognize where to get to the bus stop,
which bus should I get to and when should I press the stop button.

I almost get lose on the way when I walked back to home that day.
Yet, the reason is pretty stupid.
I was too happy to enjoy the beautiful scene along the road,
thinking of other things instead of watching out
which way to go.
You might think it's not a big deal!
But! For me, it's horrible!
Then I called Clare to make sure that I'm on the right path.
*And yeah, my hand phone is running out of battery.*
You can guess how nervous was I.
Fortunately, I went back home safely that day. Phewww..

This is the telecommunication service that I use in Brisbane, Vodafone.
We got a recharge of $50 for the first month.
It's super cool!
Unlimited calls, text messages, 1Gb data to access internet
and free access to some social websites.

*I just called my grandfather to wish him happy birthday
and talked to my uncle and grandmother.
$21.40 for around 10 minutes call to home number in Malaysia.
It's pretty much. =x But, I think they worth it so it's okay. =) *


Circumstance that I met on the first night.
I was like "................" (speechless) when I found out that
I forgot to bring adapter for my electronic products.

See! Different shape and size. -.-
Fortunately, I was able to borrow an adapter from my China housemate, Euri.
She's a straightforward girl.
She also taught me to get back to the house on the first day of orientation.
I think she's going insane soon as I am really not good in direction. (So as Clare =x )

I bought 2 adapters on the second day.
$9 per adapter.

And yeah, I went to church on this day.
I am so blessed.
I forgot to change my time zone of my hand phone
so I only woke up by the time Auntie "Mei Juan" called me . -.-
(Brisbane is two hours earlier than Malaysia)
Luckily, she gave me 10 minutes to prepare myself
so I was able to attend Sunday service that day.
I feel so sorry for them. >.<
She's the one who is going to pick me to church every Sunday morning for Sunday service.

After church, I went to the buy adapters with Clare and Angie's family.
Angie's parents are super kind!!
They met me for the first time and they lend $200 for me as I was still with my Malaysia Ringgit.
Woww. They probably don't scare I bring the money and run away from them FOREVER. lol
And yeah, Angie is super energetic and cute!
I think there's a lot of chances for us to go for shopping together in the future. =P

Culture Shock!
There's no lock at my room and toilet.
(I'm too lazy to rotate the photo as I only realize it after I uploaded it)
[Chloe said she don't have one with her home stay at Perth too.]
But, we got lock in the bathroom now after I talked to my home stay parent.
Sharon and Thomas are my young home stay parents here.
They always trying to be a good home stay parents and I think they are too.

My bed is just beside the window.
Hence, I woke up by the sunshine before the alarm every morning.
That's pretty great experience too =D

This is the Go card which Clare bought for me using her student ID.

This is me in the school today.
Clare and I are too bored while waiting for the time to go to our subject information sessions.
Therefore, we started to take photos there!

Nah, my internal camera is too lousy for a good quality photo. =(

This Clare took my hand phone to do this thing while I had no attentive.

With cute Angie. =D

Angie and Clare.


Heyy Clare, I really think that you need to improve your photo taking skill !
But, millions thanks to her as she really did a great job for looking after me in Brisbane!
Love ya! <3


By the way, one thing that I enjoyed pretty much during orientation period
is that I can meet a lots of new friends from different countries!
They are mostly from China, followed by Hong Kong and Korea.


It's 12.05am now.
I'm so tired and dizzy. T.T
I think I should go to rest now.
See ya guys!

Stay tune =3


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