Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Outing with Clare !

This is our first outing.

Obviously, this is Parkson's fitting room.
XD This Clare Chua likes to take photo there *shhh~*
so when she said wanna go to fitting room,
I don't need to ask her the reason =P
hoho.. because I always stalk her blog =P
I know what's going on! XD
Btw, her blog is pretty niceeee!!!!
LOVE it! ♥ ♥ ♥

At first, I really scared that it would be
a little bit weird for us to go out like this.
as we *nearly* didn't talk in Chung Hua.

But I think the condition today still not bad la! =P
Just a short outing anyway~
She is always busy. Hard to book ar! XD
See.. She was on call (two out of three photos lei !)
*cai guai ! ming ming shi my another two photos take dao bu hao so only left these 3 photos! *

She's going to be my classmate for three subjects this year!
This kiina said wanna have party in the class.
Okayy mummy, if teachers complain me, find her!! =P

Clare, enjoy your cny at Taiwan! *envy* *envy*
Let's stick together in Brisbane!
School, church, shopping centers, gym..!!


Rush to take this photo when mummy and her friend was moving into the car.
Unexpectedly, I like this photo than another two photos before it.
*With Doraemon towel XD *
*But I think the other two photos before this are not bad.. * Don't hit me =P

This photos was taken when I accompanied my mum and her friend to Giant.
I bought 14 cups of noodles! *Realized it after counted in the car*
LOL. No big sale. Just feeling wanna have ease to eat noodles when I'm hungry.
Yes, I admit I'm a lazy "zai nv" .
And yeah, I share them with family la!
My dad will scold me for buying them if he see them.
So I hide them somewhere. *Shhh.. hiak hiak hiakk *


Think I need Iphone 5 or a camera.
I always have to "transfer" my photos from handphone to weibo then here.
ma fan si ar!
REGRET to have MacBook Pro as laptop!
Can't connect my samsung to it! ashh...


Anyway, this is my first post in 2012.
Hoho.. lucky Clare =P =P
*Cheh.. Should be happy meh? * T.T Sit at the corner and draw circles....

Haha.. okay la!
Happy Chinese New Year in advanced to everyone and Clare too!
Take care =D


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